InSinkErator Evolution Excel – Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

InSinkErator Evolution Excel - Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

Do you have an old, underpowered garbage disposal unit under your sink preventing you from quickly disposing of your food waste? Do you want a new disposal unit with a continuous feed, at least a double grind chamber and enough grunt to turn any food material into an easily disposed of liquid?

Well as luck would have it in this the fourth of our best garbage disposal reviews we have the unit you’ve been waiting for! The InSinkErator Evolution Excel, which we think could be one of the best garbage disposal units available for home use.

However, before we get ahead of ourselves here’s how we’re going to move forward with this review. First, we will take a look at why you should consider it, talk about some of its most important features, provide some pros and cons and then finally give it some ratings out of a maximum possible of five for build-quality, ease of installation, value for money and technological innovation.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel - Best Garbage Disposal Unit Reviews

Why the InSinkErator Evolution Excel?

InSinkErator describes the Evolution Excel as the disposal unit for someone who must have the best and only the best for their kitchen. Someone who by default can only have the best looking, most powerful, most advanced and a device that performs at the highest standards available.

With a 1-horsepower motor it equals the most powerful we’ve reviewed so far, but with a whole host of other features like stainless steel components, super quick installation and revolutionary anti-jam system is this waste disposal unit all it’s cracked up to be?

Types of Food it Can Dispose Of

If you would consider yourself to be a heavy user, e.g. you have regular parties, host barbecues during the summer or have a large family and intend to put a lot of if not most of your food waste through the waste disposal then the Evolution Excel is for you. Unlike units powered by motors under 1-horsepower this device can deal with a much wider selection of food stuff like Chicken and beef bones plus all the scrapings from dinner plates.

Key Features of the InSinkErator Evolution Excel

Now that we have introduced you to this garbage disposal unit it is the time in this the fourth of our best garbage disposal reviews to have a look at what we consider to be the units most prominent features.

QuickLock Installation

Quick lock is basically a stainless steel mounting bracket, which is a feature found on most InSinkErator waste disposal units and what makes this so good is the fact that once you have it you can easily switch between different InSinkErator models by twisting off to dismount and twisting on to mount.

If you purchase the Evolution Excel and your previous unit was not an InSinkErator then naturally the installation process will be a little more complicated, but the included install manual gives clear and precise instructions.

SoundSeal PlusInSinkErator has gone to great lengths to make this device 60% quieter than its previous models. To make that possible they did years of research and came up with SoundSeal Plus technology, which is basically sound proofing for a garbage disposal unit.

They have accomplished this by blocking noise coming from the sinkhole when the grinder is in operation, reducing the amount of vibration between moving parts by using rubber connections where possible and also added sound limiting insulation material which wraps around the garbage disposals body.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel - Best Garbage Disposal Unit Reviews 2

Three Stage Grinding

This is the 1st 3-stage grind system we’ve seen in these best garbage disposal reviews and if you’re wondering why it is such a big deal, it is because this tri-action impeller system pulverizes food waste and liquefies it before passing it down to the drain or a septic tank.

Not only does this grind system have three stages and the power to grind through anything you put through it (Food Waste), but it also has an innovative anti-jam system which can tell if a jam is going to happen and automatically provides more power so that it can quickly work its way through it.

In addition, this InSinkErator has a huge 40oz stainless steel grind chamber, this larger volume capacity helps you save time because with the continuous feed it can dispose of more waste at any one time than most others on the market.

1-Horsepower Dura-Drive Motor

Whilst there are many garbage disposals on the market with ½ a horsepower and lower there certainly are only a few with as much power as this InSinkErator Evolution Excel. It is this motor that powers the whole device and gives it enough grunt to get things done quickly at 1725rpm and without any fuss.

Pros of the InSinkErator Evolution Excel

Whisper Quiet: It has been called the quietest garbage disposal unit on the market and because it is said to be up to 60% quieter than its nearest rival it by far the most popular waste disposal in its price bracket.

3x Grind System: Pork bones, beef bones, Chicken bones and corn husks are three food types that the Evolution Excel can easily deal with where other lesser units fail. And that is not only thanks to its sheer power but also the incorporated 3x grind system.

Stainless Steel Durability and Warranty: If you’re going to purchase a top of the line product like the Evolution Excel, you are going to want to know that with a heftier price tag comes not only advanced features but also increased durability. You want the peace of mind that the expensive device under your sink is not going to fail on you six months after you’ve installed it!

Good news the Evolution Excel has been built with high-quality stainless steel, which is waterproof and for extra peace of mind. InsinkErator has also thrown in a 7-year warranty which comes with free in-home servicing that means during the term of the warranty you will get free parts and labor should anything go wrong.

CONs of the InSinkErator Evolution Excel

Odor Problems: You may and this is in no way limited to this model of waste disposal unit have to deal with the buildup of unpleasant smells. However, this can be easily dealt with purchasing something from your local store or using baking soda and lemon peel.

Fat Build-Up: As with the previous this too can be seen on many different disposal units. Fatty residue can build up in the S-bend pipe underneath the sink, overtime this will collect some waste. The choices for remedying this replace the pipe, clean it manually or buy a product specifically designed to do so from your local supermarket.

Final Thoughts

Overall this is the most powerful and feature full of all the garbage disposal units we’ve reviewed so far, but would we recommend it? The answer to that is a certain yes, but be prepared to pay a little more for this premium device. If you’re looking for some advice, make sure you read all the instructions that come with it especially if you are considering installing it yourself.

Overall Ratings

9.3 Total Score

Overall this is the most powerful and feature full of all the garbage disposal units we’ve reviewed so far.

Build Quality
Ease of installation
Value for money
Technological innovation
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