InSinkErator Evolution Compact- Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

Today in the fifth of our best garbage disposal reviews we’re going to help those of you who have little kitchen space, those of you who wish they could have a powerful yet quiet garbage disposal unit from a top manufacturer, which does not compromise on quality, but also offers affordability.

With those needs in mind, we have decided to review the InSinkErator Evolution Compact a small, but powerful domestic disposal unit that should meet the needs of anyone not only those deficient of kitchen space.

Before we move on, here’s what we’re going to do: To start with we’ll look at whether this waste disposal unit is worthy of a review. Then, we will dig a little deeper and talk about its most prominent features, followed by some pros and cons about the unit and some final thoughts and possible ratings out of a maximum of five based on build-quality, ease of installation, value for money and technological innovation.

InSinkErator Evolution Compact- Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

Why the InSinkErator Evolution Compact?

Manufactured by a company called Emerson from Wisconsin in the USA, the InSinkErator brand has been firmly established as one of the most popular in domestic garbage disposal. InSinkErator has become known for its innovative and rugged products and the Evolution compact is no different from its predecessors in that respect.

Offering its users, a respectable ¾ of a horsepower motor encased in a compact and somewhat eye-catching body this disposal unit has all feel of a top of the line product.

Types of Food it Can Dispose Of

Feeding a large and varied amount food waste into this device is possible due to its powerful motor and two-stage grinding system. We’d expect it to be able to handle the likes of Chicken and pork bones as well as corn husks with ease as well as general food waste from dinner plates.

As with any device, we recommend that you read the manufacturers guide and be prepared to experiment a little as not all disposal units are made equal.

Key Features of InSinkErator Evolution Compact

Moving on, it is now time for us in this the latest of our best garbage disposal reviews to take a look at some of the features that really stand out on this compact device.

SoundSeal Technology

One of the most irritating things about garbage disposals for many users is the amount of noise they make when in operation, from grinding to high-pitch squealing to the horrible sounds made when jammed and clogged up.

However, this InSinkErator unit incorporates what the manufacturer calls its SoundSeal technology and is claimed to offer up to a 30% reduction in overall noise level. Basically, it has specially designed rubber seals and sound absorbing material built straight into its design.

InSinkErator Evolution Compact- Best Garbage Disposal Reviews 2

36oz Double Grind Chamber

The overall size of this unit is around 10% smaller than what many consider to be standard for disposals however, that doesn’t mean that it can’t do the job as far as grinding is concerned. In-fact it offers a reasonable amount of chamber capacity, which when combined with continuous feed tech and a two-stage grind system mean that this is one hell of an efficient little garbage disposal unit.

Easy Installation

If you’re replacing an earlier version of InSinkErator garbage disposal say a Badger unit, for example, fitting this Evolution Compact should be relatively easy because InSinkErator has for some time used the universal quick lock sink mount system on the majority of its domestic products.

In addition, if you intend to install the Evolution compact yourself it should be straightforward just make sure you read the instruction manual before starting.

Pros of the InSinkErator Evolution Compact

Double Grind Chamber: We think the inclusion of a double grind chamber with a reasonable amount of capacity means that this unit really does stand out from the crowd. Most small compact devices we’ve seen have single grind chambers and as such suffer from clogs and take longer to deal with food waste.

¾ Horsepower Motor: The majority of the smaller compact garbage disposal units we’ve reviewed so far have ½ horsepower and fewer motors and due to this have some serious limitations on the amount of food waste which they can dispose of at any one time.This InSinkErator however, for a compact device is well above-average with its ¾ horsepower offering making it able to power a double grind system and deal with tougher food stuff that less powerful units could not contend with.

CONs of the InSinkErator Evolution Compact

Water Leaks: Whilst designed to last for years neatly tucked away underneath your sink, some users have complained that after only 3-years of use their Evolution Compact had begun to leak and leave a pool of water. A solution whilst not a convenient one would be to make use of the 4-year parts and labor warranty InSinkErator provide with this model.

No Power Cable: Why InSinkErator would consider not including a power cord in the packaging is beyond us, we’ve seen them do this before with other models such as the Badger 5. Our conclusion with that device was that it was done the device being a lower end product, but the same cannot be said for the Evolution Compact.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a top quality compact garbage disposal unit one that you can install and throw almost anything at one with all the bells and whistles usually found on a much larger unit then the InSinkErator Evolution Compact would be a very good choice.

Not only can it deal with food stuff that the manufacturers of your average compact disposal units tell you to stay clear of, but it also has enough power to work its way through potential blockages. Which, in our opinion is a huge positive when deciding on what unit to purchase.

Overall Ratings

9.3 Total Score

If you're looking for a top quality compact garbage disposal unit one that you can install and throw almost anything at one with all the bells and whistles usually found on a much larger unit then the InSinkErator Evolution Compact would be a very good choice.

Build Quality
Ease of installation
Value for money
Technological innovation
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