InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal Reviews

Whether you are new to garbage disposals, replacing an old unit or having a complete kitchen refit, in this the first of our best garbage disposal reviews we are going to review the InSinkErator Badger 5. No, it's not made by a reformed variant of the 1990s boy band which featured Justin Timberlake InSinkErator if you have not heard of them, they are a fairly well know garbage disposal brand manufactured by a company called Emerson from Wisconsin USA.

In this article we are going to walk you through the InSinkErator features, talk about its pro's and con's and also give it some ratings out of a possible maximum of five hopefully by the end you will have a good understand of what this garbage disposal unit can offer you.

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Why the InSinkErator Badger 5?

Designed for a user who has limited space underneath their sink the InSinkErator Badger 5 is a capable device which with a power rating of 1/2 HP (Horsepower) you may think it is not capable of meeting your needs. Whilst we agree that it is not particularly powerful it has been designed to meet the specific needs of a small family, couple or even a single person.

Types of Food It Can Dispose Of

No matter whether you are connected to a sewage system or have to dispose of your household waste into a septic tank, you can literally turn the likes of chicken bones, fruit and vegetable peels and coffee grounds and more into an easy to dispose of liquid.

Featuring one stage grind technology the Badger 5 has an in-built grind-shear ring made of galvanized steel which enables it to deal with difficult pieces of food waste efficiently.

Key Features of the InSinkErator Badger5

Now for the part, you have been waiting for in this our first of the best garbage disposal reviews, features! You may have a number of expectations or hopes about this so we will try not to disappoint you.

QuickLock Installation

If you are a hands-on kind of person then you do not often have someone come around and fit or fix something for you. If we're right the designers of the InSinkErator Badger 5 probably had someone like you in mind when designing this garbage disposal unit because mounting it is simple and it's easy to install, the manufacturer claims it is as simple as twisting it into place.

One piece of advice we would give you prior to installing this device is, keep the old mounting bracket and sink flange ... and follow the step-by-step installation guide which you will find in the box. Also, if you have a dishwasher make sure you take out the drain plug as a device has a dishwasher outlet.

Dura-drive Induction Motor

As you may or may not know, every garbage disposal unit comes with a motor however, InsinkErator has chosen to use a 1/2 Horsepower induction motor in the badger 5, which runs at 1725 rpm (revolutions per minute). Furthermore, this heavy-duty motor was designed by InSinkErator specifically for this device to exacting standards which means it provides extremely high performance and has a much working longer life than the average motor.

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Single Stage Grind Technology

Moving on to grind technology, the Badger 5 incorporates a single grind process, which we think is a limiting factor for any disposal unit, but they are common among cheaper models, as they are the least expensive for a manufacturer to incorporate into a design. Whilst it will limit you to the types of waste you can dispose of it will do a good job as long as you understand those limitations.

Whilst the grind feature itself may be a little disappointing the good news is that overall capacity is good, at 26 oz the Badger 5 is capable of reducing as much waste as you like into a disgusting liquid.

In addition, if you throw in the fact that it has protection features to prevent overload then it does its job really well!

Pros of the Badger 5

The ease of which this disposal unit can be fitted thanks to its twist lock feature not only saves you time by not having to call someone, but it also saves you money which is a huge plus in our opinion and something that we are always looking to do!

The overall size of the unit thanks mostly to the lower Horsepower motor makes it great for people who have little space under their kitchen sink.

Made to last and including parts made from galvanized steel mean that this unit will not only have a longer working life than counterparts without it, but also continue to provide you with great out of the box performance long after you have installed it.

If when reading our best garbage disposal reviews you are hoping to find a disposal unit that is not only environmentally friendly, but also uses little water and electricity then you have already found that in the badger 5.

CONs of the Badger 5

The badger 5 has been known to suffer from cracks due to hard materials making contacting with the inner wall of the grinding chamber. Some users have noted that this can occur within a few months to a few years of using the device, however, the chance of that happening can be negated by discarding of non-compatible waste products in a different manner.

Another con that we have seen mentioned which seems a little none logical to us is about the devices splash-guard that is removable. Some people have complained that this makes the device more difficult to clean.

Also the fact that there is no power cord included means that if you are new to garbage disposal or have a damaged cable you will need to buy a new one, having given it some thought we're not sure as to why a company would not include something so critical to their devices function, a simple conclusion would be that it helped keep the cost down!

Final Thoughts of the garbage disposal reviews

If you are interested in reading the best garbage disposal reviews because you need something that is relatively inexpensive, Eco-friendly and offers you a good amount of features for the price, then this InSinErator garbage disposal unit will do just that.

However, and this is an important piece of advice, make sure that you read the included instruction booklet thoroughly if you are considering self-installing. And follow the manufacturer's guidelines as to what food waste you can put through it because if you don't follow them you may end-up on the market for a new one sooner rather than later.

One other piece of advice would be to remember to pick up a compatible power cord, the last thing you want to do is start the install only to find out you can't use it!

Finally, if you have a small budget, live on your own, are part of a couple or have just started a family the InSinkErator Badger 5 could be for you. However, if you have a larger budget you should consider a unit with at least two grinding chambers because not only are they more versatile, but in the long run could save you money due to the larger variety of food waste they can dispose of.

Overall Ratings

8.1 Total Score

If you have a small budget, live on your own, are part of a couple or have just started a family the InSinkErator could be for you!

Build Quality
Ease of installation
Value for money
Technological innovation
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