Best Garbage Disposals

Do you want to learn more about the best garbage disposal? If yes, below we have already put together some easy to understand information about what a garbage disposal unit is. Provided you with a little information about the history of the device, explained why having one in your kitchen is a good idea whether you have a large family, small one or are living on your own.

In addition, we have briefly taken a look at five domestic units and then given you some tips on how to find the best garbage disposal for you. Like most other products domestic garbage disposal units come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as from different manufacturers from all over the world.

We hope this information will go a long way to helping you understand and being able to choose the right device for your home.

What is a Garbage Disposal?

Simply put, a garbage disposal device is exactly what its name refers to. It is a household device which fits underneath your kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and the trap and disposes of yours and your family’s food waste. However, a simplistic description is not what is required at this point, so here is a little history on the subject.

A Brief History of the Garbage Disposal Unit: In 1927 after eleven years of development a gentleman from Racine, Wisconsin in the USA named John W. Hammes invented the first waste disposal unit. After applying for a patent in 1933 his company called InSinkErator put the first device on the market in 1940.

However, that claim has been disputed by General Electric which claims to have introduced a garbage disposal unit as early as 1935.

The Modern Garbage Disposal: InSinkErator, Waste King, General Electric, Frigidaire are among the most commonly known manufacturers of waste disposal units. They produce devices which offer different specifications aimed at customers with differing needs. So whether you have little space and need something small and powerful or have a big budget and want a device with all the bells and whistles, there is an ever increasing degree of choice for you.

5 Best Garbage Disposal Units Reviews

We recently reviewed five of the best garbage disposal units available. Surely, these units are not for everyone, but one thing can be said for sure, these garbage disposals are good enough to make it to our list of the top 5 best garbage disposals 2016. Here’s a quick look at each.





InSinkErator Badger 5

1/2 Hp

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Waste King L- 8000 Legend Garbage Disposal

Waste King L-8000

1 Hp

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Waste King Legend L-111 garbage disposal unit review

Waste King L-111

1/3 Hp

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InSinkErator Evolution Excel - Best Garbage Disposal Unit Reviews

InSinkErator Evolution Excel

1 Hp

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InSinkErator Evolution Compact- Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

InSinkErator Evolution Compact

3/4 Hp

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InSinkErator Badger 5 - The Most Popular One

This compact disposal unit has been designed for a user with limited space underneath their sink. The InSinkErator is a capable device fitted with a ½ horsepower Dura-drive induction motor, which runs at an impressive 1725rpm. This means that it can deal with a good selection of food waste such as chicken bones, fruit & vegetable peels, coffee grounds and more. This turns into an easy to dispose of liquid that goes straight into the sewage system or septic tank.

Fitting the Badger5 is easy thanks to InSinkErators own branded QuickLock installation technology. However, a single stage grinding chamber does mean that there is no continuous feed. Furthermore, if you throw in the fact that it does not come shipped with a power cable and there are a few negatives.

Key Features of the InSkinErator Badger 5

  • 26oz Grind chamber with galvanized steel grind system.
  • ½ Horsepower Dura-Drive induction motor.
  • 2 year in home Warranty.
  • QuickLock Installation.
Waste King L- 8000 Legend Garbage Disposal

Are you tired of having to bag up your large family's food waste? Well this Waste King L-8000 Legend has been designed with a large family in mind. It will help you deal with the aftermath of any family occasion.

Made to be a high end device this unit comes packed with all the features and capacity you will ever need. It also has one of the most powerful motors you can currently find on any domestic garbage disposal unit. At 1-horsepower this device is a beast and will deal with almost anything you can throw at it unlike less powerful models.

If you like to do a bit of DIY, Waste King has gone to great lengths to design an installation system which if you read the instructions correctly should be easy for anyone.

Key Features of the Waste King L-8000 Legend

  • 1-horsepower High speed 2800 rpm motor.
  • Continuous Feed System with anti blocking technology.
  • Lifetime in-home Warranty.
  • Easy Installation with the EZ Mounting system.
Waste King Legend L-111 garbage disposal unit review

Designed for the price conscious this garbage disposal unit is made from durable high quality materials, is lightweight and comes from one of the top manufacturers in the world and a brand you can trust.

Like the Badger 5 this unit was developed with the person who has little space in mind. As a compact unit it is capable of taking on only light duties. So if you have a large family or hold a lot of parties or barbecues, this probably is not the one you should be looking at. However, on the plus side Waste King has equipped the L-111 with some useful features that make this a true contender in the compact device stakes.

Key Features of the Waste King Legend Series L-111

  • 1/3 HP Permanent Magnet Motor.
  • Continuous Feed System.
  • 2-year at home parts and labour Warranty.
  • Removable Splash Guard.
InSinkErator Evolution Compact- Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

The next up on our best garbage diposals list is also from InSkinErator. If like many people these days you want a compact disposal unit because you lack the space for a full-size unit, but don't want the negatives which are usually associated with one. Then, the Evolution Compact could be the choice for you.

This device comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect on a much larger device and has been described as the mini disposal unit that you can throw anything at. Not only can it deal with food waste, which other devices in its category could not, but it also has the anti-jamming technology to make sure that you could keep feeding it until the job is done.

Key Features of the InSkinErator Evolution Compact

  • 36oz Grind chamber and stainless steel grind components.
  • 3/4 Horsepower Dura-Drive induction motor.
  • SoundSeal insulation technology and anti-vibration components.
  • Double Grind Chamber for increased capacity.
InSinkErator Evolution Excel - Best Garbage Disposal Unit Reviews

Do you have an old or underpowered garbage disposal? Does it slow you down when clearing the kitchen? If you can answer yes to both those questions, then maybe it is time you upgraded! How about a unit with a triple grind chamber, continuous feed, a powerful 1-horsepower motor and all the other bells and whistles you want on a premium high quality device?

It doesn't really matter if you're not able to really test it, but this device can cope with very heavy use. Meaning that it will easily dispose of any bit of food waste you send its way. Not only that, but if you want a device, which you can install and lasts you for years, thanks to stainless steel durability and a decent warranty for peace of mind this Evolution Excel should be your choice.

Key Features of the InSkinErator Evolution Excel

  • 40 oz Grind chamber and stainless steel grind components.
  • 1-Horsepower Dura-Drive induction motor.
  • SoundSeal insulation with Ultra quiet performance.
  • Triple Grind Chamber for increased capacity and impressive performance.

Why do you need a Garbage Disposal?

There are a few different reasons why having a garbage disposal can be beneficial not only to you and your home, but also to the environment, we will explain these to you separately.

How a Garbage Disposal can Benefit you: If your local government has deemed it necessary to reduce the amount of refuse pick-ups to fortnightly or even in some cases monthly collections. You may currently have to deal with food waste by bagging it up and placing it into a bin somewhere on your property.

Whilst there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this, in some countries this practice has proven to be the reason small animals like Rodents and even bigger animals like Bears have been known to use the waste as a food source. This in turn increases the amount of clean up required, an increase in disease and also puts people at risk especially where large animals are concerned.

Many consider this alone to be a good enough reason to have a garbage disposal.

A Reduction in Greenhouse Gasses: Food waste is a huge problem for most local authorities to deal with as it can make up to 30% of a single households waste every week. Dealing with this waste is problematic in that it can create public health issues and sanitation and environmental problems.

Whether burned at waste to energy facilities or buried at landfill sites each has its pitfalls. With the latter having environmental concerns due to food waste decomposition and the release of methane, which is a greenhouse gas.

Easy Mealtime Clean Up: On a personal level, we all like to try to save time in everything we do and a garbage disposal unit can help you do just that.

Modern units come with powerful motors and multi-grind chambers, continuous feed and noise reduction technology. Combine all of that into a device which sits underneath your sink, which you can scrape the food waste of your plates into and you have a great time saving option. Something that helps the environment, can save you time and keeps pests away.

How to Choose the best Garbage Disposal

Because it is hidden away underneath the sink, most people do not think about their garbage disposal unit until there is a problem. Problems such as, it suddenly stops working, springs a leak or is constantly getting jammed up. They know it is there working away making life just that little easier, but what should you do if you suddenly find yourself without one? Or considering having your first unit installed? What do you need to think about to able to choose a replacement or your first?

How Much Space Do You Have?

Do not rush out and buy one before you determine exactly how much space you have! Luckily for you, if you have very little space or acres of it (not literally) underneath your sink there are options available for everyone.

Can Your Plumbing Handle a Garbage Disposal?

As equally important as how much space you have is whether you have adequate plumbing in place. Not all pipes are adequate so take some time to check this out. Fortunately, most manufacturers are available to answer these kinds of questions or have an already detailed FAQ for each product.

How much work can you give it?

There are lots and lots of garbage disposal units available to buy however, not all of them are made equally. Things you should consider are, how much your lifestyle and family size would impact on a new device and the features it has or does not have.

Questions you should ask yourself are:

How powerful do I need it to be? If you are a social animal and have lots of friends around for drinks and take away or host dinner parties and barbecues. It would make sense to think that a small underpowered ½ horse powered unit would probably be a risk for you.

On the other hand, if you live on your own or have a small family, do you really need a hugely powerful device? If this is you, why not be a little conservative and go for something mid-range like a model with a ½ horsepower motor.

Do you need continuous feed? This is one of those features that if you've had a waste disposal unit before with continuous feed then you aren't going to be able to live without it. Basically that means that you can continue to feed waste food into the Machine until you completely run out.

How quiet do I need it to be? If you need your waste disposal unit to be quiet you may have to consider either, the power of your units motor or whether it comes from a manufacturer that offers feature’s like soundseal insulation. Beware that many manufacturers suggest that their Motors and the moving parts of their disposal units run quietly. However, you should look for devices with good reviews and featured sound reducing Technologies to be sure.

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of our brief, but detailed look at what a best garbage disposal is and why you should have one in your home. For even more details than provided in the five garbage disposal reviews above, we have put together a further five in-depth reviews of each model on this page for you to take a look at.

If you are new to the world of the garbage disposal we hope that the information above has given you some insight into the technologies involved. We have covered the reasons for having one and answered some of the questions you may have had before reading.

Furthermore, if you already have one in your home and are looking to upgrade, we hope that the information provided here has helped you decide on a brand or consider the features that may help you buy something that is an improvement over your old unit. We hope the list helps you pick the best garbage disposal according to your budget.

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